The Angara Village Skansen in Bratsk

Last updated: 14.4.2002

A 156 year old church brought to the Angara Village from the vicinity of Irkutsk some 500 km to the South.

Its interior can be seen in this slideshow:


The Angara Village skansen is still under construction. It was started several years ago on top of a steeply rising bank of the Angara River, on a place with a nice view of a part of the artificial lake (Bratsk sea) above the Bratsk dam. At present the Angara Village consists of a row of old farmsteads of various types and sizes that represent the first structures used by the Russian colonists in this part of Siberia. Most of them are reconstructions built anew from scratch. At the end of this village street, on its highest point, stands an old Cossack lookout of 1752, the oldest preserved wooden structure built in the Bratsk area.

More photos:

One of the reconstructed richer peasant houses.
On the right: Another view of the Cossack lookout tower.

A hanging cradle.

A traditional oven/furnace.

A dugout boat, fishing nets and sleigh.

More on samovars (see the slideshow).

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