A few pictures from the USA

Monument Valley on the huge Navajo Reserve near the border between Arizona and Utah (about half an hour before sunset on March 2, 97).

View from northeast (from an overpass on I-76) of Rocky Mountains over Denver in Colorado (early morning on March 3, 97)

"City" of Pisek is a small community in North Dakota not that far from the Manitoba border, founded in 1882 by immigrants from the vicinity of the Czech city of the same name (Dec. 1995).

I was still able to find there one old couple (3rd and 4th generation Czech Americans; the lady never visited Bohemia) who spoke beautifully the same Czech dialect that my father's relatives living near the original Pisek used to speak.

Trees beautifully decorated by hoarfrost in the Icelandic State park in North Dakota just south of the Manitoba border (Dec. 1995).

Another view from the same park: See what a winter sun behind the steeple of an old church can do