Big condominium fire near downtown Calgary, May 30-31, 2002

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There are 51 photos. Use the '>>' or '<<' buttons to move forward/back by one. The fire started on May 30, at about 2 pm. The first 47 frames were taken between about 3:15 and 4:15 pm; the last four the next day more than 27 hours after the beginning of the fire.

The fire broke up in a brand-new up-scale condominium complex just south of downtown Calgary, on the bank of the Elbow River. This complex consists of many buildings up to five floors high, all with all-wood frames. All buildings were already occupied by several hundred people, except the last one in the middle that was just before the completion. The fire was most probably caused by human error, started by workers who were completing the last building. This building was burnt almost completely to the ground in about one hour! Due to high winds, the fire quickly spread to the wooden roofs on the surrounding occupied buildings before firefighters arrived. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but four buildings were destroyed, and at least two more severely damaged.

It took firefighters more than five hours to bring the fire under control. They were also using a helicopter water bomber (see frames 18, 27, 28, 30 to 42, 46).

Several hotspots were still burning late next afternoon, more than 27 hours after the fire started. Heavy equipment was used to tear down these still burning remains (see frame 48).

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