A selection of (personal) web pages that attracted my attention in some way

New additions are at the end

The famous Eve Astrid Andersson
and her Hours of Enjoyment.
Ray Tomes
strives towards a theory of everything.
Chris Kmotorka
An American with some Slovak background.
La tierra del Dr. Salvador Allende.
Carlos Lowry (his newer page)
and his electronic trip to CHILE.
Maksim E. Moshkow
Maintains a HUGE online library of Russian literature, humour, songs (e.g. by Vizbor, Okudzawa, Nikitins, and Vysockij), information on tourism, kayaking, camping all over the Russia and other republics, and apparently many other texts.
Joe Schrabal
A Czech who has been living in New York for a long time.
Phyllis C. Pugh
A molecular developmental neuroscientist.
With Masanori Idesawa
I shared an office at Riken for almost two years, though we never worked on the same project.
Francesco Alberghina
An Italian photographer who is often on the road.
Teia had photos of Romanian mountains and stories about Romanian history.
Then busy with a cute little daughter.
http://skocsis.home.ro/ was a web page "made from 100% recycled electrons"
in Romania (apparently by this guy; also here).
More recycled electrons, recycled electrons, electron recycling, recycled-electrons, recycled electrons, etc.
Maysa-Maria Peterson
A mad and busy scientist and mother of 4 children!
Keren Tzur
makes art directly for the Web.
Angus McIntyre
US and UK citizen living in Paris, working in artificial intelligence, observing the world with sarcasm, and producing esthetically pleasing web pages.
Philipp and Midori
A Russo-Japanese couple enjoying life in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Paul Miniato
Computer programmer and sincere thinker; current.
http://www3.sk.sympatico.ca/sunsd/index.html: Sean Sunley - The Brain Factory
was a lot of food for thought, but where did it go?
Alina Kirsanov on adjusting to life in Nova Scotia
In Russian.
Just So Site - another Russian family on Calgary, Alberta
Few pages in English, too.
The sifters
Michelle and her journal
A concrete representation of a sifter.
Some newer journals
An unusual curriculum vitae
From Indonesia through Singapore, China, Russia to Berlin
Andrei Tarkovsky Information Central
Grandfather gets a house
on Art and Hungarian Gypsies of Romania, and how a few of them got help from Canada
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